Beginnings of famous startups on ilustrations

This set of illustrations was created for the publication entitled "The Hustle Mixtape", which shows the beginnings of well known companies. "The Hustle Mixtape" was written by Elliott Adams, a professor of Hult Business School and director of the Next Startup (international pre-accelerator for startups). Companies that today are known in large parts of the world often had to face the failures or reach for a custom solution to gain their position in the market and to get to potential users (or people who help businesses grow wings). Stories sometimes tangled like a mixtape, but finally startups “played their melodies”.

Airbnb and flakes “Obama O’s,” released and sold by the company as a limited edition (with the slogan “Hope in each bowl”… and with hope for the support of the company):
AnyPerk and the trojan horse method: 

Groupon which at the beginning published mainly the offers of various forms of group activities:

PayPal - new technologies + Beanie Babies stuffed animals (which have been sold successfully via PayPal):
Zappos and not easy beginnings of the web portal which offers shoe sales: 

Magic Suitcase | Magda Koscianska | Illustration & graphic design
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