Contemporary lifestyle - hand lettering

Observations of our daily relations with new technologies and social media provoked me to create my new series of illustrations, which are colorful and eye-catching but, at the same time, ironic and also thought-provoking. They were not made to criticize the new technology itself, but rather more to provoke to look for some necessary distance and balance in using of our resources and inventions. They were also created for the love of hand lettering and illustration – part of the work I created in one weekend when I just could not stop drawing. Works refer to modern consumption and digital era, but so far they are fully hand made, hand drawn and hand cutted. I used neon markers, wrapping papers, vibrant colors & gold paint to emphasize the character of our contemporary surroundings, full of tempting pics, nice packages (hey there, and what’s inside?) and blinking elements. First part of this set was created on oval cane plates which refer to the consumerism but also became a kind of decorative frames. This fresh series is still continued and published on my Instagram account, @magicsuitcase_illustration and, as I wrote in one of my Insta posts: „Well, yeah, and I’m using my phone to share it, you’re using yours to see it – nice paradox, isn’t it?”

Magic Suitcase | Magda Koscianska | Illustration & graphic design
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