I’m Magda Koscianska, the owner of Magic Suitcase. I'm an independent illustrator, graphic designer  and art educator based in Western Poland but I create my works for brands and people in many countries. I'm skilled in various types of techniques and media, manual as well as digital - and I combine my skills with pleasure in various kinds of projects. Here, in Magic Suitcase you can find chosen examples of them. 
WHO are my clients?
1. Business owners, educational and cultural institutions, publishers. People who want to make their brand or place truly memorable, positive and stand out.
2. Those who don't afraid of truly original, eye-catching and fresh solutions...
3. ...And who appreciate unique hand drawn elements with personal touch. Why? Because they just know it will stand out in the digital era, full of copycats and ready, repeatable images.
4.  People, brands and institutions who like to have an impact - to change, inspire, educate...
5. ...And who know that visual projects are crucial in all of this.
 Are you one of them? That's lovely, read on!

WHAT can I do for you?
Some people say that if someone does several things at the same time, he/she can't do any of them really well. Well, try me. 
In my illustrations I use couple of techniques, I efficiently combine analog and digital media. I make complex graphic projects: package, branding, print & patterns, website and social media elements, even wall painting and exhibition concepts. I also educate & write about art, culture, design and creative actions, during workshops and on my educational website, wyobrazniej.pl which I made from scratch. Wanna see? Check the bookmarks above. Still want to read? 
Already know all? Contact - below!

WHERE my projects were shown, published and awarded?
Chosen publications and prizes:
Finalist of the San Diego Latino Film Festival Poster Competition, 2017 (project - here
Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, 2017 - a six-month sholarship for the project "Wyobrazniej! Visual Education" (more - here)
Artistic Scholarship of the City of Zielona Góra, 2016
Main Prize in Type Faces Competition organized by Arctic Paper, Perfekt and Heidelberg, 2016 (more - here)
Wall paintings shown in the album "Art on the Wall" by Dopress, Shenyang 2014  (project - here)
Prize in Gold Panda Cartoon Contest - participation in exhibition, Bejing 2014
Bicycle acessories published in the book "Two Wheels" by Index Book, Barcelona 2013 (project - here)
2nd prize in Lanolips Beauty Box Artist Competition, Australia 2012 (project - here)
Chosen exhibitions:
Cross the b/order, BWA Zielona Gora, 2017
Participation in 25th Exhibition of Wroclaw Graphics, Wroclaw 2016
"Przeliterowane" - individual exhibition in Salony Foundation, Zielona Gora 2016
Participation in Mostar Street Arts Festival, Mostar 2016
Participation in the International Biennale of Urban Art OUT OF STH, Wroclaw - presentation "Two wheels and the power of imagination" + workshop for children, 2014
"Postcards from Spain" - individual exhibition, Salony Foundation, Zielona Gora 2014
The Magic Suitcase - solo show in "The Glass Trap" Media Library in Zielona Gora, 2013

WHO also collaborated with me?
Collabs - writing and workshops:
Salony Foundation (residence; individual and collective exhibitions), BWA Zielona Gora, BWA Wroclaw, BWA Jelenia Gora, Pracownia Stary Mlyn (The Old Mill Workshop in Szczecin), Poster Poster, Rue Marcellin, Blog Rowerowy (Bicycle Blog), Lubuski Theater, Mostar Street Arts Festival (wall painting + workshops for kids)...
...for more - check projects in this portfolio!

WHAT inspires me?
I love to listen to good music, to travel, ride a bike, eat pancakes and other good vegetarian food. Everything may become my inspiration - especially Spanish colour mood and patterns or Russian decorative ornaments. I'm also a great fan of playful & useful, unique ceramics. 
Oh, and I have a little assistant - cat named Richard (#assistantrichard), who is always there for me, especially when there’s an opportunity to sit on my papers or play with a rubber. Of course, I gladly collaborate with some more serious partners (sorry, Richard) so let's meet!

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