E. Wedel is an iconic Polish chocolate and confectionery company that was founded in 1851 by Karol Wedel. One of Wedel's flagship products is Ptasie Mleczko (bird milk) - fluffy foams covered with chocolate. The graphic design of the packaging has changed several times over the years - and now E. Wedel has invited a group of illustrators to develop the series of fresh package illustrations. Each of us had to create one bird-related pattern in his/her own characteristic style, and the illustration should symbolize one particular taste. I was responsible for Caffe Frappe (limited edition) image, decorated with coffee beans and creamy details. 

Photos: Piotr Czech and me
Special thanks to Coffilm for a sharing this great space and a lovely coffee for a photo session

The lettering "Ptasie Mleczko" is a common element for all products and it was created by Mateusz Witczak. 
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